Agil try an enthusiastic axe wielding merchant who’s got a beneficial relationship which have Kirito

Agil try an enthusiastic axe wielding merchant who’s got a beneficial relationship which have Kirito

Within the Underworld, Kirito nonetheless retained their thoughts and ideas to possess Asuna, but is not able to think of one thing following big date the guy asked the girl to come quickly to The usa that have your. On comprehending that he had been swept up international, he was torn between interested in a quick cure for eliminate thus which he could reunite together and you may to try out out their role within new world.

Tsuboi Ryoutarou (Klein)

Klein are Kirito’s very first pal prior to conference Asuna. He turned into Kirito’s pal after the guy requested Kirito to coach your to play SAO. Klein is actually mostly of the people who Kirito considered as good “friend”. Klein very cares having his household members that is intent on remaining these live, hence Kirito considerably areas. Klein can love Kirito, given that the guy knows his loner character, and informs Asuna to “look after him” and that he “isn’t an adverse kid” to which she answers she will and she’s got long since recognized correspondingly.

Klein is also responsible for providing Kirito most strength, just like the found when Kirito is not able to revive Sachi as the lifetime of their dying try too long for the Divine Stone off Going back Spirit. The guy frequently match having Kirito with his family and you will occasionally go with them inside the quests during the ALO, particularly pursuing the release of the nation Seed products. One particular such comes with the new search for Excalibur.

Andrew Gilbert Mills (Agil)

He had been among a couple who realized the reason as to the reasons Kirito turned a great Beater. Such as for example Klein and Asuna, the guy including areas Kirito, and constantly now offers one let they can whenever Kirito means it (such as for instance sheltering your whenever Kirito turned famous after his Dual Knives will get identified, otherwise using the fresh “Seed” one to Kayaba offered Kirito). Agil is the earliest person that Kirito goes to as he really wants to enjoys individuals look at any factors he receives away from attacking or promoting an item.

Ayano Keiko (Silica)

Silica is actually a new player one to Kirito came across as he are drifting to regarding the thirty five th Floor. Whenever Silica asked him what makes the guy are kind in order to the girl, he offered her a beneficial “manga-like” respond to one she resembles their “sister”.

Shinozaki Rika (Lisbeth)

Kirito very first found Lisbeth when he concerned the woman shop so you can pick another sword shortly after getting labeled their of the Asuna. Kirito questioned a custom made sword, and you will immediately after he broke an educated blade she had from inside the stock, she forced your to help you praise the lady towards the a pursuit to get the latest unique ore necessary for the task. Within the journey, because of his methods with his unanticipated kindness and you can virtues, she develops ideas to possess Kirito. After the trip, she demands in order to become Kirito’s private blacksmith, hinting an intimate character. She’s devastated whenever she finds out you to definitely Kirito was Asuna’s break so there was shared attitude between them. Although this lady feelings was indeed unrequited, she discovers peace and quiet when Kirito tells this lady in regards to the “Black Kitties” and you will admits, for the first time after shedding their guild, he’d experienced alive again when he is actually hanging out along with her.

Immediately after they fulfill about real-world, she gets a routine player in the ALO and regularly plays quests which have Kirito and his awesome members of the family and you may occupies employment away from upgrading their gadgets. She also visits school having Kirito, Asuna, and you will Silica.


Sachi is a member of the latest guild Moonlit Black Pets exactly who Kirito befriended. They became really close, to the stage of asleep along with her in the same area; their relationship described as “several stray kittens licking for each and every other’s injuries” as they comfortable one another. Its relationships are intimate enough they had a discussed page during the for each and every other’s catalog (similar, but not some within amount of partnered players that has combined stocks). Kirito assured this lady you to definitely she’d perhaps not die, in the event unfortuitously, he’d not be able to keep his word. Even with this lady past message offered him brand new energy to live on, the guy however never completely were able to escape their vanilla umbrella promo kodu shame up until he partnered Asuna.

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